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For over twelve years Skipinnish have made it simple for couples to decide on their perfect wedding music. As one of Scotland’s most accomplished and respected ceilidh bands, richly skilled in the arts of music and dance we cater to your every whim. Whether you want tranquil and atmospheric during the marriage ceremony or exuberant, rousing and rollicking ceilidh music at the evening reception, we will work with you to create wedding music as perfect as you’ve always imagined.

Experience has taught us that every wedding is different. It has also taught us the ingredients to make any wedding a roaring success and helped us put together a menu of musical delights and surprises that will thrill you and your guests throughout the day and beyond.

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Your wedding ceremony is an intensely personal experience and we will work with you to choose the perfect music. Perhaps something traditionally Scottish, haunting and beautiful? Or maybe the majesty of a lone piper at the church? It’s your ceremony and the music should reflect your deepest feelings, so while we’ll advise and suggest, we’re most interested in making your dreams come true.


Skipinnish can provide any number of musicians to entertain you and your partner in the first exciting moments of your new life together.

Traditional Scottish music makes a fabulous addition to the atmosphere at the drinks reception while the photographer is at work. It gives your guests a chance to rejoice and reflect on the ceremony while looking forward to the evening celebrations.


A dash of Scottish flavour from Skipinnish will make any wedding breakfast all the more enjoyable! Our traditional piper will herald the arrival of the wedding party to the top table and throughout the meal traditional Scottish music will be played in the background as an accompaniment to the breakfast.


Celebration is always at the heart of any evening reception. The formalities are over and the time has come to get your teeth into having some real fun! Our traditional ceilidh is hugely popular in the evening; we’ll have the whole wedding party up on their feet, laughing, singing, whooping, hollering and dancing in honour of your big day.

Our expert dance callers will guide guests through each dance and are especially adept at teaching the steps of even the trickiest of ceilidh dances to the newest of novices.

Whatever you decide for your evening entertainment you can rest assured that Skipinnish will help you do it in style!


Your vision is at the heart of our work and with that in mind we’ve designed three simple packages to make your life easier on the run up to the big day. These packages are a framework for your wedding music; we will consult with you on every detail to ensure your wedding is as perfect as you always imagined it would be. The core instruments of Skipinnish are the accordion and the pipes and other musicians can be added at your request.

BRONZE 3-piece band
SILVER 4-piece band
GOLD 5-piece band
PLATINUM 6-piece band


The bespoke service is engineered to make your life as easy and stress free as possible on the run up to the wedding. Simply issue us with the instructions for everything you want on the day and we’ll organize it all for you, giving you the chance to enjoy the build up and excitement of your wedding day without being bogged down in the details.


If you’re thinking of hiring Skipinnish for your wedding please do get in touch; we’d love to hear from you and we’re always excited to listen to your plans. You can contact us

By phone: 01397 700666
(gig booking hotline 07714 764932)
By email: bookings@skipinnishband.com
By post: Skipinnish Wedding Band
Cairn Dearg house
North Road
​Fort William
PH33 6PP

 Or for further information about Skipinnish and to hear some of our music please visit our website www.skipinnish.com

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